M-Audio M-Track 2x2M + BX5 D3 Set

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M-Audio M-Track 2x2M + BX5 D3 Set
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M-Audio M-Track 2x2M + BX5 D3 Set

THE MAIN PICTURE OF THE SET IS ILLUSTRATIVE ! - SET with accessories for discounted price. Sooner or later you will need accessories and expendable matierial. If you choose to buy it now, you'll save lot of money and time as well. There is no need to deal with it later, plus you have the assurance that accessories included in particular SET suits the product perfectly.

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M-Audio M-Track 2x2M

M-Audio M-Track 2x2M

The M-Audio M-Track 2x2M Audio Interface is a 24-bit/192kHz USB-C high speed 2x2 audio interface featuring high-headroom pre-amps and exceptional audio performance on the inputs. This interface is ideal for monitoring and recording purposes with its studio-quality audio output, two XLR/TRS combo inputs, 2 instrument inputs and a 5-pin MIDI I/O for connecting external MIDI gear. This high-speed USB-C audio interface is the ideal solution for zero-latency monitoring and recording purposes.

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M-Audio BX5 D3

M-Audio BX5 D3

Bi-amplified design with 100 watts (60 LF, 40 HF) for powerful, accurate sound. When monitoring, it's important to sit in the middle position or 'sweet spot' where the stereo image is optimized. BX5 D3 features a pinhole power LED that makes finding the sweet spot easy. The tweeter is mounted in an integrated waveguide, which precisely focuses and directs the treble energy into the listening field, ensuring a solid and stable sonic image. The woven Kevlar low-frequency driver offers rich and articulate bass. The natural silk dome high-frequency driver uses a built-in waveguide to add clarity. This bi-amped design ensures that each driver is sent only the frequencies that it can reproduce most efficiently, producing clean power and plenty of headroom. M-Audio BX5 D3 studio monitors are equipped with both XLR and TRS balanced/unbalanced 1/4" inputs, providing a solid connection to your studio mixer or other audio gear. The BX5 D3 Acoustic Space Control helps provide optimal acoustic conditions for tracking, mixing, and monitoring anywhere. Adapt the BX5 D3 to any mixing environment.

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