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Pioneer Dj RMX-500

DJ Controllers and Software | Product code: RMX-500 | ID: 218469

Pioneer Dj RMX-500
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Pioneer Dj RMX-500

Lightweight multi FX unit with one-handed control of multiple parameters that is the most intuitive multi-FX unit yet, combining all the best features of the club-standard Pioneer RMX-1000 with a simplified layout, on-board customisation and easy access to a host of FX that can be customised from the hardware on-the-fly. It provides instant access to 5 Audio FX, on Overdub sequencer and 5 versatile drum samples, and large Pressure Control knob can be used to manipulate the FX depth and other FX parameters. Combining 10 types of FX allows for building up and breaking down tracks, Top section can be used to build with FX like Noise, Echo and Spiral Up, while the bottom section to break down, cutting sounds with Crush Echo, Spiral Down or Reverb Down. The unit can be customized directly on the hardware: user can select and save all of his favourite variations of Scene FX and drum samples, and set the lengths of back spins, brakes, echo and Overdub sequences. He can also seamlessly exit complex FX combinations using Back Spin, Echo and Vinyl Brake to effortlessly return to the original track. The RCA inputs can be used to quickly connect to CDJs in the booth. Or, in the studio, user can plug the FX unit into the PC/Mac to use it as a controller for the unit’s virtual plug-ins. This device is also fully MIDI assignable via USB: control information can be sent to external devices and use the unit as a MIDI controller. Dimensions: 306 x 67 x 132 mm. Weight: 0.93 kg.

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