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Roland RP401R-RW

Digital Pianos | Product code: RP401R-RW | ID: 217753

Roland RP401R-RW
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Roland RP401R-RW

Compact, attractive digital piano that is filled with Roland’s award-winning features. With Roland’s highly respected sound, action, technology features and build quality, it brings professional-level performance at a very attractive price. The compact design combines space-saving efficiency with traditional appointments, including an integrated music rack and a retractable lid that covers the keyboard when not in use. Roland’s renowned SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine delivers the rich, expressive sound of an acoustic grand, offering an authentic piano experience that inspires young students to practice and learn. The newly developed 88-key PHA-4 Standard Keyboard inherits the functions, appearance, and Ivory Feel texture of keyboards found in Roland’s flagship instruments, and includes the very latest sensing technology to take full advantage of SuperNATURAL Piano’s enormous tonal range. The instrument also has three integrated pedals like an acoustic grand, including a Progressive Damper Action pedal that offers continuous response for traditional playing techniques. Thanks to its onboard rhythm function, it lets students play and practice music along with a beautiful backing ensemble. This helps build timing skills in a way that is far more engaging than the standard metronome function, and also introduces them to the exciting experience of performing along with a full band. The piano’s rhythms are incredibly easy to use, providing intelligent backing that automatically follows the chords played on the keyboard. 72 different rhythm styles open players up to a diverse variety of musical genres, from rock and jazz to Latin, reggae, modern electronic styles, and many others. Playing with rhythms also offers a great opportunity to explore making music with the piano’s generous selection of non-piano sounds, such as organ, guitar, brass, synths, and more. Roland’s free apps for Apple iOS devices provide a unique way to motivate a child’s interest in playing and practice. With the Air Performer app, they can play along with favourite songs in the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch wirelessly through the piano’s sound system. The Piano Partner app for iPad includes Flash Card, an interactive music program that kids will love, plus an intuitive graphical interface for selecting tones, songs, and rhythms in the piano. Flash Card develops listening and reading skills in a fun way by challenging the student to identify notes shown on the iPad’s display and sounded from the piano, with awards given after five challenges. Piano Partner also includes DigiScore Lite, which displays the piano’s onboard songs as sheet music on the iPad. Available from the Apple App Store, these apps make it easy to use today’s mobile technology to energize a child’s piano development. The powerful digital technologies inside the piano provide numerous practical benefits over any acoustic piano. First and foremost, it never needs tuning and always sounds perfect, eliminating the annual costs that come with regular maintenance for an acoustic piano. Convenient features for practice and fun include a built-in metronome, a recorder for capturing and sharing performances, and a Twin Piano mode that splits the keyboard so that two people can play side by side. The volume of the piano’s speakers can be easily adjust, and there’s even a Volume Limit function for setting a maximum level to keep the kids from playing too loudly. Another major benefit of a digital piano is the ability to use headphones to practice without disturbing others; the unique Headphones 3D Ambience effect greatly enriches the piano experience during these private sessions, making it feel as though the sound is emanating from the instrument itself. An AC adaptor, power cord (for AC adaptor), music rest, headphone hook and screw set are all included. Dimensions (including piano stand, with music desk): 1378 x 423 x 992 mm. Weight: 40 kg. Simulated Rosewood colour design.

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