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About us

Muziker is a modern international store with a wide range of products enabling you to actively spend your leisure time. It is our goal to turn free time activities into passions and dreams into incredible experiences.

We believe that every pastime can lead to a regular hobby and that every talent can become a star one day.

We are knowledgeable experts when it comes to selling musical instruments, records, sporting or hiking equipment, fishing tackle or pet supplies. We can advise on choosing the right gift or a useful tool, a desired item or practical clothing for a cyclist, biker, skier, artist, musician, golfer, angler, pet owner or even a yachtsman. We are well acquainted with the latest technological gadgets that will definitely make you lose track of time.


Our goal is for people to spend their free time actively, and enjoy a healthy and happy life.


We are here to bring real joy to people's lives. We want everyone to have the opportunity to spend their free time on hobbies that fulfil them. Likewise, we strive to be an inspiration to those who want to be active and are looking for valuable experiences.

Our values

Every company, every community, every empire and every religion is based on certain values that are carved into its foundation stones. These principles can change and adjust over time, but it is always important to return to them and follow them when making a decision. The following are the values on which Muziker is based.

More than 30 countries, over 15 languages

From Slovakia, we have quickly spread throughout Europe. Today, our e-shop serves customers in 31 countries. In addition, we will soon cross the boundaries of the old continent and serve customers in more than 100 countries. We want the customer to feel the power of quality service from the very beginning. We understand that being in touch with a real person cannot be replaced by any robots or an automated response. The people in our team are native speakers or professionals who are able to help and advise each customer in an understandable language.

Online store and 12 brick-and-mortar stores

In addition to the online store, we also run a network of physical stores. 12 brick-and-mortar stores with various specializations – ranging from the sale of musical instruments through golf, skiing or cycling equipment to the essentials for water sports, diving or fishing – in seven cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

8 100


190 000


610 000

packages per year

2 200 000


Life in Muziker

We owe our small and large achievements to our people. Without their energy, effort, creativity and ideas, we would not have become what we are today - a major international e-shop and a large sales network of leisure products. Only with them can we grow, get better, get faster and fulfil bold visions.

So what are the people in Muziker like?

From the top manager to the part-time worker, we are a team whose members listen to each other and respects different opinions. We are not into being formal or stiff. Regardless of age, we all use first names. You will not hear of a "dress code" with us. In our designer office you will come across people in comfortable and casual clothes, parked bicycles or scooters, sofas, work meetings at a ping pong table and a dog almost on a daily basis. Don't expect us to be silent as the grave or our work environment to be austere. We appreciate humour and we can show enthusiasm. Without these, our offices, logistics centre and stores would be just an empty theatrical scenery without energy and without the human feel. We enjoy being together, which is why we sometimes go out together after work... on an outdoor trip, rafting, or to the gym or to have a beer.