Choose country for shipment delivery

Extra services

We know that it always takes something extra to achieve complete satisfaction. Choose an extra portion of our care and we will make sure that your feeling of satisfaction is truly perfect.

Extended warranty

Get up to three years extra in addition to the standard warranty. We will repair the damaged goods free of charge or refund the purchase price.

Shipment insurance

Damaged parcel or broken product? No worries! We bear the risk and quickly replace the damaged goods.

Prompt replacement

Why to wait out the lengthy claim process? We swap the faulty product for a new one.

Extended return of goods

Do you want to make a stress-free decision? Take more time. We enable a natural person to return the goods at any time within 60 days, a legal person can do so within 30 days.

Pre-shipment inspection

Have your guitar checked and adjusted before shipping. Our technicians are happy to take a look at any string instrument.