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Akai AFX DJ Controller

MIDI Controllers | Product code: AFX-DJ | ID: 216893

Akai AFX DJ Controller

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Akai AFX DJ Controller

Compact and versatile 4-deck FX controller for advanced performance of Serato DJ, a powerful software platform for digital DJ’ing. A single USB connection adds over 70 intuitive controls to the DJ setup including intelligent touch-activated knobs, velocity-sensitive pads and backlit buttons. It provides exhaustive control over the iZotope FX inside Serato DJ – just plug it in to expand or add controls to any Serato setup. A total of 9 touch-activated knobs unlock all-new FX capabilities such as assigning FX, tweaking their parameters, and layering FX types with tactile, responsive control that incorporates a dramatic “twist”. In Touch mode, each knob responds to a twist, a touch, or a combination of both. A rotary-push knob and corresponding backlit LCD screen provides easy parameter adjustment and confirmation. For DJs adding FX controls to a Serato NoiseMAP setup (time-code vinyl), the controller even provides DVS-mode switching, keeping the interaction with the computer track-pad or mouse at a minimum. Eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads transfer the ideas in DJs head to the tips of his fingers: with 10 pad modes, the controller provides ample freedom to trigger samples, manage loops, assign hot-cues, and slice tracks. With backlit RGB feedback, user will always know which mode he has selected in addition to real-time pad performance feedback. The unit also has deep integration with Serato DJ’s Flip Expansion Pack – Flip allows user to record the cue point and censor actions which can be saved and looped, ready to re-trigger and start in an instant. Flip can be also used to create and play back custom song edits ranging from extended intros/outros, breakdowns, making beats, skipping verses or choruses, and creating clean edits of songs. Even more, the controller includes Serato’s Backpack FX Expansion pack to provide sets a boost using a dub collection of analogue-style effects – echo’s, loopers, filters, and time stretch. The unit features a low-profile, portable design that compliments any setup and fits almost anywhere. Dimensions: 42 x 271 x 134 mm.

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