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Terms and conditions of our Best Price Guarantee:

What is the Best Price Guarantee?

. Before purchasing: show us a better price in any electable competitor and wait for our reply. Our operators will contact you and will match the offer, with no exceptions: all brands and all products and all cases that will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of this guarantee. The offered price cannot be combined with discount coupons.

. After purchasing: within 14 days after your purchase at MUZIKER you are still able to claim our Best Price Guarantee. If you find a better offer for the product you have already purchased, or even if the price goes down on our own e-shop, than you are entitled for a coupon in the value of the difference between the price you’ve paid and the best offer you’ve found.

How can I ask for a better price before a purchase?

To ask MUZIKER to match an offer, you need to:
. find the product you want to buy in our e-shop;
. click on the option "Best Price Guarantee" available in the bottom right corner of the product‘s page;
. fill out the form with its required fields and send us the link of the better offer that you have found.

If the offer will be in accordance to the terms and conditions of this guarantee, you will be contacted within a working day by our team, and instructed on how to proceed to the purchase with the lower price.

How will MUZIKER match an offer, and how can I proceed to buy a product with its new price?

These requests will be processed as soon as possible, within the term of two working days. In this period, you will be contacted by our Customer Service department, who will instruct you on how to proceed to the purchase with the new price. Don't worry, it will be very fast and easy, and we will be with you all the way!

How long after my purchase can I request a refund-coupon?

The best price guarantee can be claimed until the 14th day after the purchase was made on our e-shop or physical store.

In how much time will MUZIKER process my request for a refund-coupon?

Due to the 14-days money-back guarantee offered by MUZIKER, the coupon will be issued only after this period. However, the claim will be processed as soon as sent by the customer, and answered within the time-frame of two working days.

In what cases I CANNOT claim this guarantee?

. when the offer from the competitor is not a permanent price, but rather a time limited promotion (such as sales, discounts or any other kind of special price);

. when the offer will come from an uncertified competitor (for the purposes of this guarantee, MUZIKER considers to be certified competitors those who: a) have operations both on e-shop and stone-shops, and b) are certified by at least one authority of e-commerce;

. when the competitor does not have the product in stock, or immediately available for shipping;  

. when Muziker does not have the product in stock;

. when the competitor does not provide import to the country of the Muziker e-shop through which you shop;

. when the offer is related to products which have been opened, refurbished, repaired or which present signs of use or malfunction, b-stock catalogues or any conditions other than new and unopened;

. when the claim is made more than 14 days after the purchase;

. when the better price of a competitor will be the result of discount coupons or vouchers of any kind.

We reserve the right to decline a request for a best price guarantee at our sole discretion.

Ok, discounted products are not valid for this guarantee!
But what if I bought a product and after a few days, this product was now on sale at MUZIKER?

Well, in this case, YOU CAN REQUEST a refund-coupon. As long as the special price or time limited offer will be at MUZIKER itself, we will provide a coupon for customers who paid a higher price for this product on our e-shop. Why do we do this? Because this way, you can be sure that whenever you buy at MUZIKER, you won’t risk losing money by finding a better price a few days later.

The price guarantee does not apply to any discounted amount resulting from the use of another discount coupon in the Muziker e-shop. This means that individual discount coupons cannot be combined with each other. 

Once I get my coupon, how much time do I have to use the credit at MUZIKER?

After the coupon is sent by our team, our customers have 6 months to make use of it. After this period, the coupon loses its validity.

I found a better price, but the offer has just disappeared. What can I do?

Unfortunately, not much, except cross your fingers for it to reappear. The onus of the proof stays with the requester of the guarantee, meaning: the customer. MUZIKER does not have to provide any kind of proof to show that a claimed offer doesn't exist or is invalid.

Is this guarantee also valid for your physical stores?

Yes, this and all the other benefits of our e-shop. But in this case, our stone shops will not be able to process requests from purchases made on our e-shop. Besides that, only purchases made by a registered MUZIKER Club card will be able to claim this guarantee at one of our stone shops.

Can I claim the Best Price Guarantee through offers of e-shops of different countries?

Yes, you can. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that the price to be matched includes local taxes and shipping costs to the destination address.

These terms and conditions apply to the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece and Ireland only. If wish to read about terms and conditions in a different country, please visit Muziker under the country's domain and read the conditions in its native language.