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IK Multimedia iKlip Stand mini

PC Holders and Stands | Product code: IKLIP-STAND-MINI | ID: 218106

IK Multimedia iKlip Stand mini

IK Multimedia iKlip Stand mini

Table-top holder that is compatible with iPad mini 2nd generation and iPad mini. It elevates the device, making room for keyboards and other equipment below, and provides a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace at a desk. Originally developed for musicians to place their iPad above music keyboards, mixers, or other studio hardware, it also offers a wide range of applications for office, home and school. Designed for ideal weight balance, and constructed from rugged thermoplastic material with reinforced base, it provides a secure and flexible perch for the iPad. Two independent articulation points allow for adjusting both height and viewing angle, in either portrait or landscape mode, with a simple turn of the hand. It also naturally promotes good posture while composing, playing or working, by allowing for dialling in the perfect alignment and positioning for the task. This helps eliminate fatigue and strain, making you more productive for longer periods of time.

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