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Numark HF-350

DJ Headphones | Product code: HF-350 | ID: 218494

Numark HF-350
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Numark HF-350

Around-the-ear DJ headphones that bring all the essential qualities of a pro DJ performance: stunning sound, classy aesthetics, and all-night stamina. Packed with acoustics worthy of a world-class recording studio, they are the sound source you can trust for high-pressure performance. They also provide an exceptional handling power for use with pro-grade mixers and controllers. The around-the-ear leatherette ear cups dramatically reduce the surrounding ambient din – whether you are at an ear-splitting club, or raucous house party, the noise isolation of the headphones will take the edge off, letting you hear the mix with confidence. Equipped with 40mm drivers, the headphones acoustics expose every last nuance of the track library. The up-front sound signature acts like a high quality set of recording studio monitors for reliable, consistently detailed playback with the perfect amount of bass response for DJ'ing. Vocals are crystal clear, bass is punchy and tight, and the subtle details in tracks are openly exposed. The rotating ear cup makes single-ear monitoring simple. No more pinching a stiff set of cans between your shoulder and cheek just to get a peek at the main mix and cue mix. The 32Ohm impedance of the headphones works well with low-output devices. A 1.2m long cable with 3.5mm stereo plug and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter are included. Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz. Black and red colour design.

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