Paiste PST 5 Universal Set 14/16/20

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Paiste PST 5 Universal Set 14/16/20

Cymbal set from PST 5 series that is the entry to Paiste’s world of bronze cymbals and since its introduction in 2005, it continues to be a best seller. Considering recent musical trends, the PST5 series was designed by the Paiste’s Swiss Sound Development Team: the cymbals are lighter resulting in a deeper, warmer sound while preserving its bright basic character and they have increased flexibility resulting in a more appealing feel. This set contains 14” Medium Hats, a 16” Medium Crash and a 20” Medium Ride. All of the cymbals are made of the CuSn8 Bronze alloy, also known as “2002 Bronze”, delivering bright, clean and energetic sound with full functional and very musical characteristics. They are suitable for all volume settings and entire range of music styles.

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