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Gibson and Fender merger - reality?


Don't worry! We are only merging the eternal guitar rivals for now. Muziker is bringing guitar news from the legendary brands Fender, Gibson and Epiphone.


A new series of guitars is coming from Corona, California - American Performer. It brings unique sound and great feeling you would expect from a Fender guitar. 2019 models also bring a range of improvements that make this instrument even more inspirational than ever before. You will not be overseen on the stage thanks to the new colours of these guitars.

Fresh releases:

• handmade Yosemite pickups - coils wound specifically to fit the model and position of the pickup
• Greasebucket tone circuit - new potentiometer setup
• "Classic Gear" tuners - vintage look and modern 18:1 ratio machine heads


2019 models are a return to the roots for Gibson and will bring joy to many guitar purists out there. The brand that is rightfully considered to be one of the pillars of rock'n'roll bets on time-tested models and finishes.

What is new:

• Les Paul Junior Tribute DC
• two Thinline models, ES-235 and ES-275 that will be manufactured in Memphis
• return of rosewood fretboards
• several colour versions to look forward to. For example, the comeback of Blueberry Burst


Epiphone has been one of your favourites for a long time now and their portfolio sets them up for success with the masses.

In 2019 we have stocked the most popular pieces in new colours and also some recent releases introduced on the 2018 summer NAMM.