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Ski Helmets

Safety is paramount when skiing or snowboarding. A ski helmet is a key protective element on the slopes and in the terrain. In addition to protecting the head from possible injuries during falls or collisions, it also provides thermal insulation. 

The choice of a suitable helmet should not be underestimated. It must fit well, hug the head and nape of the neck, have a strong chin strap and a comfortable but firm enough fastening.

There are different types of ski helmets on the market, which may differ in features, construction or material, as well as use. And since skiing is not just about experience, technique and speed, but also about style, it's important to choose a helmet that not only protects your head, but also complements your personal style. For those who are looking for individuality and want to express their creativity, there are also a variety of unique and fun accessories for ski and snowboard helmets on the market, such as stick-on ears, horns or hair styles, or various helmet covers.

We have excellent ski helmets for everyone from beginners to experienced skiers. Our offer includes models from leading brands such as POC, Bollé, Alpina, Head, Atomic, Rossignol, Salomon, UvexOakley and other renowned manufacturers in several price ranges.

Division by type of construction:

  • Full shell ski helmets - These helmets have a solid construction over the ears and provide total head protection. However, the sturdy construction and higher safety comes with a bit of extra weight. Full skeleton ski helmets are a popular type of helmets for both skiing and snowboarding. They are especially suitable for beginners and children.
  • Ski helmets without visor - Soft-ear ski helmets are lighter than full shell helmets, more comfortable and also more breathable, keeping the skier's ears warm. They are especially suitable for recreational skiers. Helmets with soft ears are not recommended for racers as they do not provide that much protection.
  • Ski helmets with visor - A ski helmet with a visor allows perfect vision while providing protection from sunlight and wind. Ski helmets with a visor combine the protection of a helmet with the functionality of ski goggles, so they are also suitable for skiers with dioptric goggles, as there is plenty of room for them under the visor.

Ski helmet and ski goggles are an inseparable duo. So don't just choose goggles according to the visor, but also so that they fit the shape of the helmet perfectly and don't pinch or pull anywhere when worn.

Division by user:

  • Women's ski helmets usually are warmer and tend to have a cutout in the back for long hair. Women's ski helmets usually also come in a stylish design.
  • Men's ski helmets have a higher number of ventilation holes for better air circulation and their design are in a more masculine style.
  • Children's ski helmets are dimensionally adapted to children's heads, so they are smaller in size and are often brightly coloured or decorated with animal designs to make them more attractive to children. In different countries, the regulations regarding the obligation to wear a ski helmet vary. As a rule, ski helmets are compulsory for children up to the age of 15, but in some countries, it can be up to the age of 14 or even 16; in some countries helmets are also compulsory for adults.

Division by manufacturing technology:

  • In-mold – in-mold manufacturing technology means the shell and liner of a ski helmet are manufactured as inseparably joined. These helmets are lighter, but less breathable.
  • Hard shell – the hard shell skeleton and the impact-resistant helmet shell are manufactured separately, but are subsequently joined together. Hard-shell models provide high security at a reasonable price.
  • Hybrid construction combines the advantages of in-mold and hard-shell technology.
  • MIPS/SPIN – stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. MIPS technology mimics a fall on ice and prevents dangerous rotational forces. A helmet made with this technology will be especially appreciated by professional skiers, but also by all those who are at risk of more frequent falls and thus traumatic brain injuries. MIPS is therefore not only used in skiing or snowboarding, but also in cycling helmets, riding helmets, construction helmets or motorcycle helmets.

Special gadgets

Ski helmets equipped with the RECCO rescue system represent a significant step in the safety of skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers. This innovative system uses radar technology to enable rescuers to locate people in distress more quickly and efficiently on snowy slopes or in mountainous environments. Small RECCO reflectors are integrated in the helmet to reflect the signals of the rescue teams' equipment. Reflectors can also be sewn into clothing or glued onto ski boots. When someone is lost, professional rescuers can pick up these signals and accurately locate the person in real time.

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