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HK Audio Elements Big Base

Column Sound Systems | Product code: ELEMENTS-BIG-BASE | ID: 218566

HK Audio Elements Big Base

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HK Audio Elements Big Base

Active sound system with elegant, practically cable-free design that combines the power reserves of a large PA system with all the ELEMENTS sound and handling advantages – plus it is easy and flexible when it comes to expansion too. It features two 1200-watt E 210 subwoofers with Class-D amplifiers, each driving up two 300-watt E 835 mid/high units. System provides maximum output of 4800 W. Each subwoofer is equipped with two 10” drivers (2.5” voice-coil), RMS limiter, subsonic filter and DC, load and thermal protection circuits, providing an XLR combo input, XLR through, two speakon outputs, one SUB + one mid/high outputs and two E-Connect outputs for pole mounting. Frequency response: 38 Hz-150 Hz via active system x-over. Dimensions: 380 x 670 x 560 mm. Weight: 36.7 kg. Each mid/high unit is equipped with eight 3.5” broadband drivers with 70° horizontal directivity. It provides one E-connect input and one E-connect output. Sensitivity: 100 dB. Frequency response: 140 Hz-20 kHz, via active system. Dimensions: 110 x 745 x 120 mm. Weight: 4.5 kg.

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