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IK Multimedia StealthPlug CS

USB Audio Interfaces | Product code: STEALTHPLUG-CS | ID: 218073

IK Multimedia StealthPlug CS

IK Multimedia StealthPlug CS

High-quality low noise “Analogue to Digital” and “Digital to Analogue” 44/-48kHz/16-bit converter cable that takes the output of the guitar and converts it into something the computer can read, featuring the integrated StealthPlug 1/4” to USB cable interface and the new AmpliTube Custom Shop software. After transferring the signal from the instrument to the computer and the software, the computer will send the output from the AmpliTube software back through the USB port and the StealthPlug converts it back into an analogue signal that old-fashioned gear like amps, powered speakers, headphones and stereos can understand so they can do their duty. It also features a 1/8” mini-plug jack for the headphones or powered speakers, a dual-button volume control and a couple of coloured LED indicators. The AmpliTube Custom Shop is the leading amp and software modelling package with 24 pieces of gear including: a digital chromatic tuner, 9 stomps, 4 amps, 5 cabs, 3 mics, and 2 rack effects… It also features a built-in 4-track recorded and “re-amp” feature. The AmpliTube Custom Shop also works as a plug-in for the most popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) sequencers such as GarageBand, Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Live, Reaper, FruityLoops, etc. with the exact same functionality. The interface further features ultra-low latency ASIO and Core Audio Drivers and Hi-Z direct guitar and bass input (suitable for any instrument with line out also). The device is USB bus-powered. Cable length: 2.5 m.

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