Carlsbro Kickstart 10

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Carlsbro Kickstart 10

Entry-level solid-state 10-watt guitar amplifier from Kickstart series that delivers solid, clean tones with smooth diode overdrive, and is ideal for practicing. It provides one channel with overdrive switch that can be controlled by a comprehensive EQ section (Bass/Middle/Treble), Volume and Gain controls, and an individually controlled reverb option. Amplifier is equipped with a 6.5” speaker, an audio/MP3 3.5 mm input for listening and jamming to songs, a standard 6.3 mm instrument input, and a headphone output that disables the speaker out for silent playing situations. Impedance: 8 Ohm. Dimensions: 395 x 260 x 365 mm. Weight: 5.5 kg.

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Boris Č.

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Male dobre kombicko za naozaj bezkonkurencnu cenu, ja som ho dokonca mal este o poznanie lacnejsie v akcii Black Friday. Ale ani tato cena zan nie je zla. Prevedenie, remeselne spracovanie - bez namietok. Vzhlad - dizajn - velmi pekne a atraktivne prevedenie. Zvuk, az moc hlasny. Clean - bez namietok - pekny, kultivovany. overdrive- moze byt. Reverb- velmi prijemny a dostatocny. V spolupraci s multiefektom - velmi zdatny. No co dodat, na domace cvicenie a mozno aj nejake skusky v klubovnicke - velmi dobra volba. Znacka britska, osvedcena, nie su to ziadni novacikovia. Skratka a dobre - odporucam. Fotografia sa nezhoduje so skutocnostou. Ja som dostal cely cierny so snehobielymi napismi a tiez snehobielym znakom kridiel - velmi pekne a take rockerske. Znak Carsbro v pravo dole je kovovy, cierno kovovej farby. Toto je zrejme sucasna modifikacia, lebo na Carsbro strankach ponukaju take, prevedenia, ake som opisoval. Cchyba ten medailonik, na ktorom je vpisana vataz (10). Ale dobre bez neho je to lepsie.

Alena H.

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